12 “Be” Attitudes of The ExtraOrdinary

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20141201212222-2136829-12-be-attitudes-of-the-extraordinary

Extraordinary people are driven to go above and beyond the standards of mediocrity; they are trusted by others, focused, and confident in their own abilities. Their destiny are full of endless possibilities – these people tend to be capable of thriving in that place of organized chaos. Can you picture those you know whom I’m speaking about? Is this the same individual you stare at in the mirror each morning?

They don’t have time for drama, handouts or wasting time wishing dreams. They maintain longer relationships and get recruited more than their peers. Seeking, creating and achieving this kind of destiny means you are really truly LIVING. Just in time for the holidays here are my collections of “Be” Attitudes to help the ordinary get fired up and “Be”come extraordinary. Have courage to live a life of fulfilled destiny.

1. Be Internally Motivated

Have the intrinsic desire to be your best self. Be driven—not pushed—toward new adventures, the unfolding journey, and the possible outcomes—relish challenges, learning opportunities, and exploration.

2. Be Non-judgmental

Objectively observe the successes and mistakes of others and learn from them instead of judging or comparing. If you find yourself judging go back to step 1:)

3. Be Humble

Be willing to admit when a mistake is made quickly and apologize quickly. Ask for feedback from others and use it to take steps in the right direction.

4. Be looking at the Upside

Instead of focusing on what’s not working and bad experiences—which so many of us tend to do—focus on what is working. If you find yourself over-thinking a miscalculation – think about those things you’re doing right.

5. Be Authentic

Be true to yourself despite what others think—you aren’t put on earth solely to please others.

6. Be Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Extraordinarily people face discomfort head on— never choose the easy route—go get what you want. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and get rid of those annoying internal voices that say, “You are limited in what you can do – you don’t even have that title or that kind of experience” Trust your abilities and know they will come out on top.

7. Be Learning

Be reading a lot and be brilliant observers—always watch and search for new, more efficient, and faster ways to achieve. Understand that in order to grow as a person, you must always continue to learn. (Overpriced Universities are Optional)

8. Be Clear On What You Want

Have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like and whom you want to be. Clarity comes with the wisdom to know what things to harness and what things to avoid. Have these mottos as guides, “Never say never” and “Anything is possible.”

9. Be Relentless

When you stumble over that proverbial bump in the road, problem solve, come up with a plan, take action, and get past it. A sure way to lose a battle is to quit—which is not a part of your vocabulary or an option.

10. Be In Charge

Never blame others for your failures. You alone are in charge of your actions and choices and no other.

11. Be Disconnected

In order to stay extraordinary and on top of your game, carve out time for yourself. Rewards of disconnection away from it all and taking care of yourself are more important than material possessions.

12. Be Surrounded With Motivators

Your friends are those who are trustworthy, positive, and supportive and who bring out the best in you unconditionally. Your friends help you take on the world side by side and, when needed, help you get back on their feet again.

Bonus “Be” Attitudes:

13. Be Thankful

Give thanks for all things even when it doesn’t seem to work out in your favor – trust that the universe has a greater purpose for you no matter what.

14. Be Fearless

It doesn’t mean you don’t have fear but that you acknowledge that which scares you. Look for the prize of what it would mean if you succeed. How you’ll help to alleviate homelessness or provide generational wealth for your family or how you’ll be able to buy a home for your mom and dad.

15. Be Giving

The sweetest part of being extraordinary is experiencing the growth that comes from giving – if you don’t have a cause you are only partly living. Give of the lessons you learned – as a mentor – as an adviser – great transformation + positive change comes from giving.

Atleast something

One time I asked her, what she likes and she replied me that she likes music and books. She tells she loves books so much that she has completed entire set of Harry Potter in a day or two.

At that time I didn’t really knew that I lied to her when she ask what I like. I told her I like animation, arts, languages and computers. In reality I didn’t really knew that was the moment I should have told her, I like her more than anything.

One great moral, don’t lie friends!! Sometime later I realised I loved her holding her image in mind forever, which inspires me everyday to smile.

Although things never turned up in favor of me or I screwed up totally every time but today I her music and I often think of her every time I read a book.


Magician – “an entertainer who is skilled in producing illusion by sleight of hand, deceptive devices”

I have met another set of such “Magicians”.

These magician are not any usual person who can be defined by a set of words, these people carry a special Aura with them. Those who do know Aura, it is a kind of bright light or radiance. These are like some usual people we see everyday, doing the same things as we do but something special is there about them, something hidden but can be felt in their actions and presence.

Is it their expensive wear, or expensive gadgets ?!.. I can agree partially. At times it is kind of opposite, their presence(ownership of it) in fact bring importance to those expensive things. For sure it not that expensive gadgets is the answer I found.

I kept my eyes open very long time patiently looking for the answers I want to prove or the answer I found. They are all got good sense of humor and they excel at their word – whether it is their studies or job or outside, these magician hold a good sense of humor, a big pleasing smile, a small scent of caring & wittiness and of course responsible.

All those qualities attract people, they do and I have seen them with my own eyes(with all of my 4 eyes – with specs on).

A couple of days back I discovered such magician in my new roommate, he made my usual eating into a place of fun. All he did is just open-up and ask guy’s name, who was serving our food. WOW !! He was so happy to tell us his name, followed by a couple questions – he became a good happy person at moment.

Today, that spot became one of my good places to eat not just any usual places. In a short span of 5 minutes, things changed – things got better and good. This is just one small example of small act can reflect big changes in life. Either way I have learned something new today and I thank you Magician. Why I call him Magician, his one simple acts bright little bit happiness to my world, which is a magic & my motivation of being a better man.

“You don’t like something, Change it” – Holstee manifesto.

Thank you for reading.

- by Sampath

Image Courtesy goes to http://www.pexels.com/


What is so difficult about an Infrastructural projects?

Today I have seen “The Ninja Project” Project reached its final stage. Personally speaking, I have seen people act different once a project is initiated. This is not just any project which will affect either your or my job, these are the infra-structural projects of an Organisation.

What is so difficult about these projects ?

1. Understanding Organization Structure
Meet people and understand them
“You break a rule and escape, you might feel good and some even appreciate you but if you break an unwritten rule, you will be outcast !!”

An organisation’s culture is such thing as the above quote speaks, if you can’t understand it then you are outcast.

Every effectively working organisation does not just run on RULES, they also run on other hidden parameters called COLLABORATION and COORDINATION. These two are called hidden, since you cannot document what collaboration or coordination means. Everyone knows, it is very common to see bugs in technologies (Nothing is perfect, if it exists in reality). At the end of day, everything narrows down to three words called Organisational Culture, Employe Ethics and underlying infrastructure. To do anything, you need to know these. Thus it so becomes an important requirement to understand Organization Structure.

2. Re-Organisation ?
Takes patience and time to re-organise

Now you have an understanding of what is there, we move to next step called what is required? Generally everyone creates these kind of ideas, except they don’t exercise and see far future implementation problems. So you 3 thing – Prioritise, Organise & Review in a cycle.

Once the Idea is finalized it is time to market to people. Tell why they want it and how it will help them, encourage people to talk and present about it.

3. Keep the pressure
Diamonds takes time

The toughest part after making people understand that change is to bring that Change. Unfortunately, People or Organisation can’t change themselves in an over-night.

Pressure is required to bring change should be nominal,
— not less where its unvalued.
— not more where its overvalued.

It takes time for coal to turn into diamond under pressure. Similarly, it takes time and effort to bring required change and sustain new InfraStructure.

Now after 12 months, “The Ninja Project” feels like the smartest project ever initiated.


You never know what is impossible until its done.



I always hated goodbyes. I generally hate anything that makes me weak. We meet unknown people, make friends share things, share hobbies, share many things and one day – people just disappeared. I feel bad about it.

So I started avoiding things that hurt me. I used to tell myself that if this person leaves me, I would never again meet this guy in my life. I used to avoid last min hugs, goodbyes and tears. I kind of feel bad, but I don’t want to feel for it inside.

A friend of mine once made me remind of that it requires strength to say goodbye to known and loved. And I started facing it and making myself strong and sad.

Hope I get strong. soon.

I blog for meditation



In the start, I had only little motivation to write or read. I get bored if I had to read big, long(lousy) posts. Why do people stretch so long ,. ? don’t we have anything else to do !! So I move on to next post, but did found few posts which I felt worth it and actually inspired me so much I started liking writing. Dear reader, you don’t worry I still don’t want to write long posts. I like to keep it simple :)

One of my friend tells me when does volley ball practice he feel a kind of meditation, just the way I feel writing this post. Dear readers, great writers are not born ! WordPress , bloggers are very cool & good start for free blogging.

Today I feel so great reading my own blog. If you choose to write blogging and I wish you Good Luck else  happy reading and Good day :)